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Your customers want a wide range of printer accessories, fast delivery and low shipping prices?

But you do not want to buy a big warehouse and tie up your capital?

Then take advantage of the possibility of dropshipment:
  • You place the order of your customer in our shop (as delivery address you enter the delivery address requested by the customer)
  • We ship the goods in your name to the customer
  • On the shipping label you are registered as sender
  • The customer finds your logo and address on the delivery note
  • Otherwise the package and the goods are absolutely neutral!

You will receive from us at the end of the day a total invoice for all orders by e-mail or if you wish by mail.

Your advantages:
  • 24 hours delivery service
  • Huge selection of original and alternative toners and inks available immediately
  • Cheap shipping costs, maximum 3 EUR (within Germany)
  • Free shipping for orders exceeding 250 Euros within Germany
  • They do not tie up capital in the warehouse
  • No warehouse staff costs
  • More time to focus on the sale
  • Online parcel tracking at the touch of a button

In order to integrate your logo on the delivery note, we need your logo as a .jpg file in the dimensions 280x140px.

Shipping costs:
DestinationDelivery TimeDelivery MethodCost
Belgien Belgium2 - 3 workdaysDPD6,99 Euro
Dänemark Denmark2 - 3 workdaysDHL International12,99 Euro
Estland Estonia4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Finnland Finland4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Frankreich France3 - 4 workdaysDPD7,99 Euro
Griechenland Greece4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Großbritannien Great Britain2 - 3 workdaysDPD8,99 Euro
Irland Ireland3 - 4 workdaysDHL International12,99 Euro
Island Iceland4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Israel Israel6 - 10 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Italien Italy3 - 4 workdaysDHL International9,99 Euro
Kroatien Croatia4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Lettland Latvia3 - 4 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein2 - 3 workdaysDHL International12,99 Euro
Litauen Lithuania4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Luxemburg Luxembourg2 - 3 workdaysDPD6,99 Euro
Malta Malta4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Niederlande Netherlands2 - 3 workdaysDHL International6,99 Euro
Norwergen Norway4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Österreich Austria2 - 3 workdaysDPD5,99 Euro
Polen Poland2 - 3 workdaysDHL International8,99 Euro
Portugal Portugal4 - 6 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Rumanien Romania6 - 10 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Schweden Sweden3 - 4 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Schweiz Switzerland2 - 3 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro
Slowenien Slovenia3 - 4 workdaysDHL International12,99 Euro
Spanien Spain4 - 6 workdaysDHL International12,99 Euro
Tschechische Republik Czech Republic2 - 3 workdaysDPD8,99 Euro
Ungarn Hungary4 - 6 workdaysDHL International8,99 Euro
Zypern Cyprus3 - 4 workdaysDHL International19,99 Euro