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HQ-Patronen API

Stop wasting your time and automate your order processing!

Automatic transmission of orders: Use the SetOrder method to transmit orders in our system. Recover and verify the details of your orders. Check all the information on your orders and shipping status. Filter your orders by order status, products ordered or the date thereof.

With our API / EDI: You can download and update all details and products information such as color, capacity in number of pages or content in ml. You can also integrate our stock more quickly and directly into your system. In addition, you have the opportunity to use our images for all compatible and manufactured goods and be up to date on all the news relative to the market. Do you need our images? Please contact us to conclude a usage agreement for the further use of the images. For only the update of your products we offer you the GetProductsByUpdateTime method.

For more information: Please let us know and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

Always with pleasure! E-Mail: info@HQ-Business.eu